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Achieve success! Listen to Parenting + Business 

Oct 7, 2021

In this episode, josh chats to Heather H. Bennett. Heather is a marketing strategist and personal brand coach with over 20 years of experience marketing brands.  Drawing from a background in Research and Development, a University of Illinois MBA, and a Northwestern University Social Media Marketing Certification, she coaches her clients to create strong, authentic, and unique brands through her business, Creative Brand Coach.  

Working jobs as varied as assembly line worker, national chain restaurant host, research biologist, small business owner, and board of directors’ member has shaped Heather’s unique perspective on personal branding and careers. Her personal branding method has been shared at workshops and webinars and is featured in her workbook, Personal Branding for Fulfillment in Life, Work & Play.

Heather lives in Chicago, Illinois with her husband and four children, where she enjoys volunteering for nonprofits, reading mystery novels and spending as much time as possible outside swimming, kayaking, and hiking.