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Feb 7, 2022

In this episode josh talks to Hans Kullberg. Hans is an Author, specializing in Children’s Books and Parenting Books. Also an serial entrepreneur, Hans is a loving father of 4 wonderful children and prides himself on being a father first and foremost, cherishing every moment of his fatherhood journey. Making up silly, fantastical tales of dragons, race cars, flying unicorns and laughing llamas at bedtime every night is just part of his parenthood duties.

Due to the unexpected tragedy of losing his daughter Aviva at 10 months old, Hans is motivated to share her fearless character, fun-loving spirit and vivacious personality embodied through an orangutan in Baby Aviva Orangutan Diva. Even though she is no longer here to meet friends, Aviva can still change lives and create positive impact through the messages of this book including overcoming adversity by using your inner strengths, never judging a book by its cover and staying true to yourself. That is her Dad's ultimate hope and motivation for writing – to bring smiles to children all over the world while sharing his daughter’s beautiful story and turning sorrow into a wonderful legacy.

Knowing intimately how precious life truly is, his mission is to help other parents embrace the wonderful experience of parenthood to the fullest, always cherishing our children by leading with love. In addition, through sharing his story about the most difficult tragedy a parent can imagine, he hopes to bring attention to the often-overlooked grieving journey and how supporters of bereaved parents can provide comfort simply by showing up. Grief is a process that society in generally doesn’t necessarily embrace well and, through an upcoming book on the grief journey, Hans hopes other bereaved parents will be adequately supported during the time they need it most.